Horses as Teachers

Horses meet you in the moment without judgement.  They expect fairness, respect, and acknowledgement.  They communicate using body language and therefore will challenge and develop your ability to communicate, especially non-verbally. Strength or athletic ability does not provide individuals with an advantage as compared to other experiential learning programs.  Horses will respond best to individuals or teams that communicate well, provide clear expectations, and create a safe environment.

What we can Learn from Herd Animals

Horses are prey animals and therefore their safety depends upon the herd. They are excellent team players which has allowed them to survive for thousands of years.  Their very existence depends on effective leadership and the ability to work together as a group. Unlike humans, horses have monocular vision which increases their field of view. By observing and interacting with a herd we learn to become more aware of our surroundings and to better identify all available resources.