A Unique Kind of Classroom

The sound of hoof beats, the smell of the ranch on a crisp, clear, Colorado morning, and the opportunity to interact with one of creations most majestic animals…

Interacting with horses is a unique experience.  It requires individuals to be pro-active, authentic, creative, and practice self-awareness. Horses are insightful teachers because they subordinate willingly to those who convey genuine trust, respect, and confidence.  The LeadChange learning model spans from the development of leadership skills to improving team performance.

Individualized Approach

The curriculum is designed specifically to meet your business needs.  We will connect prior to the event to learn more about the specific goals for your particular team. Programs can be designed for a half or full day. Your company may choose to book a stand-alone experience or return for sequential sessions and build on your teams initial learning. We can arrange the details of your experiential learning program, from one night of lodging to multi-day retreats.