What can I gain from the LeadChange Program?

The LeadChange curriculum is designed specifically to meet your individual business need.  The learning model spans from the development of leadership skills to improving team performance.

When working with horses, leadership skills are uniquely challenged.  Unlike other experiential learning, horses are live creatures that subordinate willingly to those who convey genuine trust, respect, and confidence.   Leadership training encompasses areas like; learning to be present, giving clear expectations, delivering positive non-verbal communication, and most importantly improving your self-awareness as a leader.

LeadChange is also designed to improve group dynamics whether the team is high performing, one with known challenges, or a new team looking to find common ground. As groups work to achieve a common goal, they must overcome obstacles, timelines, communication barriers, and develop solutions that depend on creative thinking, similar to the needs of the work environment.  Participants increase their understanding of other team members, discover better ways to communicate, experience “aha moments” of self-awareness and learn how to manage their own stress and emotion.

How is this program different from other leadership and team building programs?

Unlike other experiential learning programs such as ropes courses, Equine Assisted Learning is based on interaction with a live and responsive subject which better simulates the diverse work environment that employees encounter every day.  It does not favor participants with more physical abilities, but rather relies on interaction with the horses to drive learning.

How will this change my day to day work life?

The learning achieved through LeadChange will directly impact individuals once they are back in the office setting.  Leaders have an enriched sense of self-awareness and a clearer understanding of areas they need to develop to make themselves a better leader.  Colleagues return energized, having built stronger relationships and developed a broader perspective of team member views.

What are the credentials and the basis for the training program?

Shawna English, the facilitator has 20+ years of experience in the corporate environment, leading teams for a publically-traded Fortune “100 Best Company.” Shawna has a Business Degree, a Masters Degree, and is O.K. Corral Certified in Equine Assisted Learning for Businesses.

The O.K. Corral Program was designed by Greg Kersten.  It honors and integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human learning using equine-assisted philosophies.  Designed in the early 1990’s, “equine-assisted” describes the powerful healing and informative nature of horses on the lives of humans.  Greg has worked with hundreds of individuals and successful businesses.

Is LeadChange safe for my employees?

Horses designated for use in this leadership and team building program have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are healthy and have the appropriate demeanor to successfully participate in scenarios and events.  The staff are certified equine trainers who are well experienced in leading horses and human interactions.  Safety is a priority at LeadChange Colorado!

Will we be riding the horses?

Learning is facilitated within direct contact to the horses.  There are plenty of opportunities to touch, talk, smell, and bond with the herd.  Riding lends itself to being more of an individual activity and is not a part of the training curriculum.

What is the time investment?

The program is designed as a half or full day, and can be experienced over several days depending on the needs of the business.  In order to fully understand a company’s objectives and be productive during the learning session, we offer a pre-consultation prior to the experience.  The facilitator will contact the organization’s leadership to identify unique team needs, objectives, and desired outcomes. At that time, a recommendation can be made as to what can be realistically covered in a half, full, or multiple day program.

Is the program inclusive of all individuals?

Equine Assisted Learning is well known for its strength of inclusion and ability to embrace diversity.  We are usually able to accommodate participants who have allergies to dust, hay, or horsehair.  Our outdoor arena provides for fresh, clean, air and it is not necessary for every team member to touch the horses.  In fact, having the group consider how they will accommodate and include a team member that chooses not to touch the horses is a great addition to any exercise.  We ask that individuals manage their allergies as needed through, medication, long-sleeve shirts, and gloves if necessary.  We offer respirator type dust masks as another option and encourage participants to work at their own comfort level with the horses.

Will I get dirty?

While certainly dependent upon weather conditions, participants can expect to be exposed to somewhat dusty, dirty, and occasionally muddy environments.  The occasional horse manure is an ever present circumstance, but Colorado Horse Rescue staff and volunteers do an outstanding job of keeping all equine areas and the property clean and healthy.

What should I wear?

Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather and bring layers to adapt as the weather changes.  Close-toed shoes or boots are required.  Since participants will be spending extended periods of time outside, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are also recommended.  For truly inclement weather (e.g. rain, snow, or cold), the program will be held within our indoor arena. Make sure to dress warmly during these times.  Your festive cowboy boots and hat are encouraged!

Is food or drink provided?

Plenty of water and a light snack are always available to participants.  A ranch-style lunch may be added to a half or full day program for an extra cost of $25 per person.

How much does this cost?

Half-Day Session: $300.00 per person

Full-Day Session: $500.00 per person

Multi-Day Packages are designed specifically around individual company needs and priced accordingly.

*All proceeds from LeadChange benefit Colorado Horse Rescue.